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Hungry Green Heron gobbles down tadpoles

A green heron feeds on tadpoles in the waters of the canal at Wildwood Park in Harrisburg, Pa. The 210-acre park is known for its 90-acre shallow lake and over 6 miles of hiking trails. The canal is a remnant of the Pennsylvania Canal. Wetland birds, songbirds, frogs, muskrats, and turtles basking on logs, can be found in the canal.(Video by Dan Gleiter/
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Penn State Blitz: Camp Recap & Recruiting Updates

First down: What we’ve learned from camp so far, offense —The quarterback battle won’t be decided anytime soon. —It’s becoming clear that both freshmen backs will have a role in 2019. Second down: What we’ve learned from camp so far, defense —Yetur Gross-Matos will be PSU’s stud defensive lineman, but who will step up besides him? Bob and Greg discuss. —Do we feel any differently about the safety battle now? Third down: Recruiting update —Caziah Holmes picked PSU at the end of last week. What does the four-star back’s addition to the class mean for the Lions? Fourth down: Mailbag
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Life and Culture


Inside the Belleville Sale, an Authentic Amish market in Pa.

Take a look inside the Belleville Sale, a flea market and livestock auction in Belleville, Pennsylvania, where you can rub elbows with the local Amish, find some great antiques, eat some whoopie pies, and much more. The sale takes place every Wednesday morning in Belleville, on South Penn Street. Experience authentic Amish culture that makes PA so unique!
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