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Watch TVNZ | OnDemand TV and Movies | TVNZ OnDemand - Watch TVNZ | OnDemand TV and Movies | TVNZ OnDemand -

Dive into Deep Water

Secrets will surface in the brand-new emotional thriller starring Emmy and BAFTA-winning actor Anna Friel.


Take a trip to Celebrity Treasure Island

The ultimate treasure hunt has finally arrived.


Yours Faithfully

Let stand-up comedian James Nokise enlighten and entertain you with his open-minded and curious look at the melting pot of religions in New Zealand.


The Power of Weather

Join 1 News Meteorologist Dan Corbett to discover how New Zealand's unique combination of water, wind and sun make us ideally placed to harness the power of weather.

Watch Now

Friends Watch to Win

Friends is turning 25! To celebrate, you and three friends could win tickets to the Friends 25th Anniversary New York City Pop-up Event!


TVNZ Highlights

Celebrity Treasure Island is here, this week with TVNZ


Closed Captions: More shows added

We're rolling out closed captions to more shows every week OnDemand. Check here to see if your favourite show has been added.


How to watch

Confused about the different ways to watch TVNZ OnDemand? Find the way that suits you with our simple, jargon-free guide...