Hong Kong protesters Causeway Bay

Hong Kong teachers rally in thunderstorm at start of weekend of protests

Hong Kong protest tensions heat up in Australia

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CNA lifestyle

NYT - Illustration of an alarm clock

Are you ready for bed at 9pm but waking up at 2am? It may be genetic

Sleep patterns often run in families, and researchers have been identifying genes that influence them.

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(ry) OTRD changi sea

CNA insider

Life as an adult with special needs

Holding a job. Saving money. Getting in trouble with the law. Life's more complicated for an adult with special needs - and ...

OTRD SIngapore Couple Ati clinic2

For 33 years, Singaporean couple helped a ‘forgotten’ people – at a personal cost

Insight vietnam brides main

Raped, beaten and sold in China: Vietnam's kidnapped young brides

When your best is 'not enough'
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When your best is 'not enough'

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The Price Of Fame: Mukul's Story
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The Price Of Fame: Mukul's Story

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(ry) NUS museum

Learning from the dead: How human donors and an artist help train future doctors


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#HuntingHistory OT


Singapore's historical narratives often revolve around the well-known storylines. This show is different. This show is a ride through the stories ...

Belly of A Nation

Belly Of A Nation

Why did early immigrants create food uniquely Singaporean? What insights can hawkers give us to the making of some popular hawker dishes and what ...

Wild City: Secret World

Wild City: Secret World

Almost 30,000 species of animals make their home in Singapore, but many of them remain largely invisible to us. From banded bullfrogs that do ...

Our Tiny Superheroes

Our Tiny Superheroes

We rarely see them. We often ignore them. But whether we know it or not, tiny superheroes live all around us. From the black soldier fly with an ...

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asian voices

To stay in front of the pack, we must constantly come up with fresh ideas, always be ready to break new ground. What limits our possibilities is not the physical size of our island, but the ingenuity of our people and the boldness of our spirit.

Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, in his National Day message

Lee Hsien Loong
Singapore Government will continue to ‘invest heavily’ in Singaporeans: PM Lee in National Day message
I again ask everyone to put aside your differences and calm down. Take a minute to think, look at our city, our home – do you all really want to see it pushed into an abyss?

Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam, following further violent protests in the city

Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam warned that the economic impact of the unrest threatened to be
Asia Violence will push Hong Kong down 'path of no return': Carrie Lam
It is becoming more and more dangerous, but if we don't still come out at this point, our future will become more frightening, and we will lose our freedoms.

A 22-year-old protester at Hong Kong airport

Anti-extradition bill protesters rally at the departure hall of Hong Kong airport in Hong Kong
Asia Hong Kong airport reopens but hundreds of flights cancelled, more protests planned
The body is just an empty shell. Sometimes it feels like you may not wake up after you go to sleep tonight. So I feel that what I do today should be answerable to myself and (I should) live my days honestly. ​​​​​​​

Medical illustrator Bay Song Lin, on what drives her work

Medical illustrator cover photo
Singapore 'Faces affect me more, especially if the eyes are open': The woman who draws dead people for a living
Each time they go to the pharmacy in the town hospital to get free medicine, they are told, ‘Sorry, it’s not available’ … That’s why we felt the need to bring the medical mission straight to their doorstep. We bring doctors and dentists to them. ​​​​​​​

Missionary Lily Ang, on why she and her husband decided to help the Philippines' Ati tribe

OTRD SIngapore Couple Ati clinic2
CNA Insider For 33 years, Singaporean couple helped a ‘forgotten’ people – at a personal cost
It amuses me that while it’s de rigueur for men to design women’s shoes, a woman designing for men still takes people by surprise.

Teresa Chong, founder of local men’s footwear brand Jonathan Abel

Shoemaker Teresa Chong flies the Singapore flag high in the realm of quality men's shoes
Lifestyle Meet the Singaporean woman making men's shoes using a guy's name

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